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  • 10:00 (flexible): Our guide picks you up at your hotel
  • 10:30: Arrive at Dolphin Bay for dolphin watching
  • 11:00: Arrive at Dolphin Bay Preserve and begin hike
  • 1:30: Locally prepared lunch
  • 2:00: Snorkeling
  • 3:00: Return to your hotel
This itinerary may vary depending on visitor preferences and the duration of the hike.

Price Per Person:

$40, or $30 for children, students and nationals

Package Includes:
  • Boat transportation to and from hotel
  • Bilingual naturalist guide
  • Samples of cacao and other fruit
  • Lunch and drink
  • Snorkeling equipment
What To Bring:

Biodegradable sunscreen and natural insect repellent if possible; comfortable walking shoes that can get muddy; raincoat, poncho or umbrella, just in case; bathing suit and towel; change of clothes for after snorkeling; bottled water.

Sustainable Tourism:
Dolphin Bay Preserve is committed to environmentally sustainable practices, and is in compliance with the Bocas del Toro Coastal Management Plan, released by the University of Miami.
  • We use boats with 4-stroke engines, which are more economical on gas and minimize emissions into the air and water.
  • Our composting toilet ensures no wastes are being released into the environment, and provides nutrient-rich soils.
  • Our trails are designed to minimize soil erosion while maximizing wildlife viewing.
  • Our rammed earth dams provide the farm with water for irrigation, while using simple yet efficient environmental technology.
  • The lunch provided is made with local produce, juice is served in reusable plastic cups, and all waste is either composted or recycled.
  • We provide our guests with natural, locally made insect repellent, so we are not releasing harmful chemicals into the environment.
Dolphin Bay Preserve also participates in local beach clean-ups, and supports local initiatives and institutions like the Bocas Sustainable Tourism Alliance and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

Contact Dolphin Bay Preserve:

For reservations please call +011 (507) 6915-1155 or email


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